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Skin Care Techniques:

Many females appear to think that slathering on any moisturiser before going to bed will solve all their skin issues. Nothing can be further from the truth. Proper skin care requires much over an application of moisturiser. You require to follow a strict every day technique to derive the best benefits of any technique. A technique that takes but a couple of minutes of your time but which, if done properly, will give you tremendous benefits.

Three minutes & three simple, pleasurable steps! That is all it takes to make your skin glow! Prepared?
Start with steam. Ideal time for steaming your face is bedtime when you are prepared to get rid of the dirt & dirt accumulated in the coursework of the day. Use a facial steamer for proper steaming. Don't have one? Seldom mind. Soak a washcloth with steaming water, wring it lightly & hold the cloth close to your face. Steam the face for about 1½ minutes. Feel the steam entering your pores & opening them up.

Done with steaming? Get prepared to cleanse your face. Splash warm water liberally. Take a generous amount of face cleanser in to your hands, mix it with a small water & work up a lather. Massage this in to your face using your fingertips in a circular motion for 30 seconds. Include your neck in this massage. Rinse with warm water & gently pat your skin dry with a soft towel. Keep in mind to keep away from massaging the delicate area around your eyes.

The next step is toning. What you require to make use of here is an alcohol-free toner as the ones that are alcohol based have a drying & damaging effect on the skin. Dampen some cotton in the toner & gently wipe your whole face & neck. With this step, you will be rid of any residue dirt that might have escaped the earlier steps. It also helps to close your pores & prepares your skin for the next step. After this step, you will find that your face is squeaky tidy.

The last step in your beauty technique is moisturising. Take a small amount of moisturiser & apply it in a circular motion on your face & neck. Take care that you do not over-apply as that might cause more harm than nice. It is only if the earlier steps have been diligently followed that you can expect the moisturiser to do its work which is to condition, dampen & protect your complexion. With this final step, you can rest assured that you have done your every day skin care technique. You realise that you have but spent exactly 5 minutes of your time but those 5 minutes are an investment towards making your skin glow with nice health even as you grow older. You have, in fact, invested in a lifetime of beauty for yourself.

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